Forging / Rotary Swaging


The segments of the forming tool (2, 3 or 4 split molds) apply pressure radially on a turning part. With the help of a corresponding tool segment design, various part designs can be formed. Depending on the forming degree, the process will be executed in cold or hot condition.

The forging technology can be used for steel, aluminum, copper, titan and other metallic materials.


Trailer Monobloc-Axle

Ø 127 x 17 mm

  • Stub shaft forged on one side or both sides in hot condition
  • Defined inner contour by using an inner mandrel
  • Controlled upsetting of the wall thickness during the forging process
Trailer Monobloc-Axle

Ziehangel / Rohrangel



Ø 90 x 3 mm


  • Reduced on one side to Ø 93 mm
  • Forming degree 55%
Drawing Tag

Truck Stabilizer



Ø 70 x 8 mm


  • Reduced on both sides by swaging
  • Calibration of inner diameter by inner mandrel
Truck Stabilizer

Luftfeder-Abrollkolben Stahl



Ø 110 x 2 mm


  • Outer contour swaged in one forming Operation



Air Suspension Pistons

Air suspension pistons - Aluminum



Ø 97 x 2 mm


  • Outer contour swaged in one forming operation
Air Suspension Pistons

Table leg



Ø 76 x 2.5 mm


  • Swaged down to Ø 45 mm
Table leg

Pick-Up Axle



Ø  88.9 x 9 mm


  • Forged on one side
Pick-Up Axle

Semi-finished product for Hydroforming

Ø 50.8 x 2.5 mm

  • Swaged in the centre


Semi-finished product for Hydroforming

Prototype "Center bowle"



Ø 60 x 5 mm


  • Reduced on both sides
Center bowle

Truck stud axle for driven axles



Ø 146 x 22 mm


  • Forged on one side
Trailer Shafts / Stud Axles

Truck stud axle for driven axles



Ø 127 x 22 mm


  • Forged on one side
Trailer Shafts / Stud Axles

Fields of Application

Automotive industry:

  • Trailer Axles
  • Rear axle shafts
  • Drive shafts
  • Stabilisizers
  • Cylinder linders (Motor)
  • Bumper supports
  • Cardan shafts
  • Steering columns
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Shock absorbers
  • Camshafts
  • and many more…

General applications:

  • Lamp poles
  • Handrail posts
  • Drillpipes
  • Gas pressure bottles
  • Furniture tubes
  • and many more…

Advantages of Forging / Rotary Swaging


  • Weight reduction: The forging / swaging technology offers the possibility to define a specific wall thickness distribution, especially when it comes to weight-critical parts e.g. in cars. Very often it comes to the replacement of bars by tubes while integrating the forging technology.
  • Material savings: By using the forging technology and the corresponding shift of material, parts can be formed to defined geometeries without any loss of material. The real material usage can be reduced significantly.


  • Safety: Parts, which are produced by reducing / expanding, do generally present a more homogenous fiber flow. Based on the uninterrupted fiber flow, parts can be exposed to higher forces in comparison to parts, which are produced by machining.
  • Quantity reduction of single components: Products, which were so far welded together out of several single components, can now be formed out of one single semifinished part. This results in a tremendous cost reduction for stock-keeping and provisioning of single components.

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